Moldovan president conveys congratulatory message on Teachers' Day

President Nicolae Timfoti today conveyed a congratulatory message on Teachers' Day, Moldpres reports.

The message reads:

“Dear employees of educational system of Moldova,

I congratulate you on Teachers' Day and I express gratitude for the effort, energy and love you show for carrying out the most important product of society – man.

Education is a priority in planning a prosperous future, and the teacher’s role in this project is essential. Surely, you are aware of responsible and noble mission you have. Being experts of educational act, motivating agents and trainers, counselors etc, you remain firstly models to follow. Perfection of own example is an indispensable element of sense of mutual respect between tutor and disciples. Stimulate them tendencies, attempts to assert, provide them assistance they need, form personalities and souls!

In the rush of socioeconomic and cultural events, in the context of globalization and competitiveness, you are the ones who keep verticality, moral status, built for centuries by forerunners of the profession, and confidence in our national values.

Dear friends,

I wish you health, achievements, inspiration and perseverance in meeting the professional and personal goals. Live moments of spiritual ascension that bring new intellectual and physical forces.”

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