Moldovan political parties are willing to discuss to overcome political impasse

MPs of bloc ACUM are willing to discuss with the Socialist Party after the motion of censure was voted yesterday, PSRM MP Grigore Novac said in Tuesday's Fabrika talk-show. 

"We will discuss all the scenarios of the situation in the meetings tomorrow with President Igor Dodon. After the motion was voted, MPs of bloc ACUM desired to discuss with PSRM. They are not acting like their leaders. Nothing but a dialogue is the solution to the situation now", said Grigore Novac who did not exclude the possibility of new alliance between PSRM and bloc ACUM. 

According to the Democratic Party MP Eugeniu Nichiforciuc, the party avoids making an alliance with any party for the sake of the comeback of government. PDM can vote on good projects as a opposition party. PDM MP made sure the interests of Moldova would be discussed and and the situation would not deteriorate. 

"We are ready to have a dialogue with everybody but we can vote on good projects and be in opposition. An alliance with which party is not a priority right now. We don't want to associate with anyone for the sake of the comeback of government. 

We don't want to let the country slide into the political chaos. We want to assure our voters that the situation won't deteriorate anymore. We will discuss so that the interests of the country will be respected. All parties but Sandu's are calling us. The things develop how they do. PDM will play an important role to overcome the political impasse. We will respect our electoral commitments", said Eugeniu Nichiforciuc. 

Representatives of bloc ACUM declined our invitation to the show. 

In Tuesday's parliamentary plenary, 63 out of 101 lawmakers voted in favor of the motion of censure against the Maia Sandu's Moldovan government.

Parties now have 90 days to try to form a new government. If they fail, another parliamentary election would be called.

Moldova's President Igor Dodon invited the representatives of the parliamentary factions to discussions on Wednesday. Accordingly, the Socialist Party and bloc ACUM will meet with the head of state at 11:00 and 12:00 respectively. The Democratic Party - 13:00. Dodon is also willing to meet with the Party Sor. 

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