Moldovan plăcintă with sheep cheese inspires Best French Chef

Moldovan plăcintă with sheep cheese could appear in the menu of the best French restaurants.

Domnească plăcintă inspired one of the most famous French chefs, Marc Foucher, who says he could compete with Italian pizzas.

The best French Chef has come for the first time in Chisinau with a master-class for the students of the Technical University.

Marc Foucher says he wants to introduce a new dish to his restaurant in Paris, which has a Michelin star. He was fascinated by the taste of "Domneşti".

"I want to take the recipe of the plăcintă, to experiment and try to do something interesting," said Marc Foucher, a French chef.

The famous French chef cooked for the Royal House of Sweden and of the Monaco, and these days he prepares selected dishes with future chefs from us.

Marc Fousher taught Moldovan students to cook various dishes of his favorite ingredient. 

In 2004, Marc Foucher was awarded the title of Best chef in France. 

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