Moldovan person, injured in car accident, was transferred from Iasi to Chisinau on SMURD chopper

This afternoon, a SMURD Galati chopper has landed in Chisinau. The crew of the Reanimation and Extrication Mobile Service took from Iasi a 29-year-old man with injury of spinal column in the lumbar region.

The patient, citizen of Moldova, was transported to Chisinau, after he suffered a car accident. During the flight, the man was watched by the SMURD crew, being afterwards hospitalized in Neurology and Neurosurgery Institute in Chisinau.

The flights of SMURD choppers was restarted after the accident registered at the beginning of June 2016, in which a SMURD chopper crashed near Haragis village, Cantemir district. Since the launching of the project, this is the 24th aero-medical SMURD operation fulfilled in Moldova with a chopper.

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