Moldovan people donate money for students and preschoolers

9,000 US dollars have been donated by Moldovan people for the purchase of apples in the framework of a campaign launched by the United Nations program, a month ago.

The fruits will be given to 2,000 students and preschool children from five educational institutions in Chisinau, starting with September 1, 2016.

Over 100 people made donations during four weeks. The organizers want to collect 10,000 US dollars.

The organization will equip three companies with the necessary technology for preparation and distribution of the fresh apples.

Apples contain many vitamins necessary for a good physical and psychic development of a child.

Even though people think that authorities have to ensure children with fruits in good amount, most Moldovan people are ready to donate money.

The donations can be done online, on the project’s webpage, or through bank transfer or paying terminals. Similar campaigns will be organized in the whole country.

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