Moldovan people can now denounce cases of corruption, power abuse on ANONIM

The Moldovan can now denounce online cases of corruption, abuse of power or other wrongdoings on Anonim website. The system was created free of charge by an IT community in Romania. The site is secure and the data placed there are anonymous.

The denouncer can choose the press institutions or NGOs they want to send their information. 

"You can choose one or more institutions. You just write the information, write a title, attach documents, audio and video files, evidence", said the project coordinator, Olga Cebanu.

The IP address is neither traced or saved and the anonymous information will be verified by the recipients. The site creates a dialogues between citizens and journalists. 

"You will receive a code once you send the information. This code will help you discuss with the journalists", said Olga Cebanu.

According to the administrators, the identify of the denouncer will be concealed unless the users want it. 

"It's a global platform so there are hackers who wanted to attack the website. It was checked for problems", said a IT specialist Roman Eftodii.

Ten media institutions and non-governmental organizations have registered on the site to receive information from citizens.



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