Moldovan people assess government led by Pavel Filip: We are thankful

The government led by Pavel Filip has passed the test of confidence. Moldovans have given a good grade to the cabinet and through achievements nominated the creation of  jobs, release of external financing, and the fact that is not involved in political games:

"In my opinion they are doing very well compared to how it was before, now is better."

"This gentleman works pretty well, works for others. The world is thankful for Mr. Filip. We will see what he will do next, since he started to have this position changes are seen."

"The year was a difficult one but it is good that th funds from the IMF and the EU were unblocked. About the rest, we expect the next year." 

"We are pleased that he started to do and does everything right. People are satisfied. I see that they are coming home, now there are places of work in Moldova, before there were not, you had to go abroad, some of them were coming home, others did not come."

"As Minister he does a good service. I do not mind. They should increase salaries, pensions and allowances as compared to how they were before, now is slightly better."

"I like the attitude he has, and I like how he thinks, but ihe can and more and better".

"He does many things for the nation. In the new year expect more, as God would like".

"He takes all possible measures to change the situation in the country. We all live in hope that it will be better. He is a highly experienced politician".

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that yesterday was celebrated one year since the investiture of the Government headed by Pavel Filip. In this period it managed to stabilize the political situation in the country and to restore of relations with foreign partners of Moldova.

Among the achievements of the Cabinet include the signing of a new agreement with the International Monetary Fund.

This allowed the release of funding from external donors

Also, the executive managed to eliminate the legislative backlog in implementing the Association Agreement with the European Union.

At the same time, after several years, in which the authorities failed to enter the new year with a budget adopted, the Government Filip and Parliament in 2016, have successfully managed to develop and approve the most important financial document of the country until the end of the year.

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