Moldovan parties comment on nomination of Ion Chicu as candidate for prime minister

Following the nomination of Ion Chicu as candidate for prime minister, the Liberal Party filed a request for suspension and dismissal of Igor Dodon from office of president. The decision was announced on a Facebook post. 

"The request to suspend his position and to arrange the republican referendum regarding the dismissal of Igor Dodon from the position of Moldovan President is based on the violation of the provisions of the Moldovan Constitution and of the oath taken. 

The Liberal Party initiated in January 2017 the procedure for suspending the position of the president, registering in Parliament a draft law in this regard, which unfortunately was rejected by other MPs. Now we file this request to re-register it as a legislative initiative by the current MPs", quoted the message. 

Carmena Sterpu, presidency spokeswoman, declined to comment on this topic. 

Meanwhile, the former prime minister Iurie Leancă urged ACUM bloc and the Democratic Party to sit at the negotiating table in order to reach a compromise and form a parliamentary majority. 

"I want to repeat what I have insisted for a while, Dodon is the main danger and only by systemic and visionary approaches can we reform and modernize the Republic of Moldova. 

After Maia and Andrei surrendered their entire state security package, I just heard that the PDM would vote for a Dodon government.  

I ask the politicians in ACUM bloc and PDM to at least once in their lives to act as officials (who care for the national interest of this country), to leave aside egos and sit at the negotiating table, to invest a pro-European government and to wipe away Dodon's agents in all institutions ceded in the last four months", wrote  Iurie Leancă on a Facebook post. 

The President of PPDA parliament faction, Alexandru Slusari, also commented on the Ion Chicu's nomination as prime minister.  

"We await an impressive show in parliament in the next days. Let's see how the Socialists, who chastised the former government the budget hole of over four billion lei, will vote with PDM on a technocratic prime minister", wrote Alexandru Slusari.

After the motion of censure against Sandu government was voted on Nov 12, all the parties in the parliament failed to reach an agreement to form a new ruling coalition.

On Nov 13, PSRM issued a press release, thereby informing that it started all procedures for the establishment of a technocrat government. President Igor Dodon also issued a press release to put forward Ion Chicu as a candidate for prime minister. 


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