Moldovan online shopping to be developed and gaps in legislative framework to be removed

The cabinet approved today, November 16th, a bill that proposes amending the Law on electronic commerce.

The project is to eliminate holes in national legal and regulatory framework and the new rules of European legislation in accordance with the Association Agreement between Moldova and the European Union. Applying these measures will provide more opportunities to develop e-commerce in our country.

An important aspect in this regard is to stimulate growth of enterprises, increasing investment in innovation, which develops due to electronic systems and strengthens the competitiveness of enterprises of all levels in Moldova.

Public institution as a center of information for those interested in electronic commerce will be the Consumer Protection Agency.

We note that, with the signing of the Association Agreement, which includes Free Trade Agreement, Moldova has undertaken the implementation of the EU legislation and practice in several areas, including in electronic commerce.

The respective draft law is to be reviewed and approved by Parliament.
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