Moldovan official journal roundup for 6 January

The state will set monopoly on all types of gambling, except for casinos which requirements for performing this kind of activity are tightening, according to a law due to be published in the Official Journal of Moldova on 6 January, according to Moldpres

Under the documents, the state regulation of activity in organizing and conducting gambling is carried out by the parliament, government, Finance Ministry and other authorities of the central public administration.

Also, it is scheduled to change the system of taxation of all earnings from gambling and to ban advertising the field. At the same time, the age limit of 21 years is provided for people who can participate in gambling. All the cash slot machines must be equipped with technical devices to be connected to the online monitoring system.

Under the draft, to get the right to conduct gambling, except for those monitored by state, the companies will have to meet a string of conditions: minimum capital of 5 million lei (of which 70 per cent in cash) on the date of license issuance, managers and accountants with no criminal record, work experience of at least 5 and 3 years respectively etc.

The document also sees the location of gambling. It cannot be held in: central and local public administration institutions, educational institutions of all levels, healthcare institutions, religious and cultural institutions, residential buildings, public transport stations, train stations, underground passages, on markets, temporary constructions and at 200 meters from the above mentioned institutions.

In late October 2016, the Licensing Chamber ordered to suspend the licenses of 65 economic agents for activities with gambling, stake, casino and game machines. The suspension was due to many violations found during the control made by the Financial Inspection under the Finance Ministry and investigations carried out by the Anticorruption Prosecution jointly with the National Anticorruption Centre.
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