Moldovan Ministry attended Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration Summit in Germany

The current and emerging trends in transport connectivity, including automation, integrated mobility solutions and interoperability, have been among the main topics of the Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration Summit organized by the International Transport Forum (ITF).

The Summit "Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration" took place in Leipzig, Germany, on 22-24 May.

On behalf of the Republic of Moldova, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, Serghei Bucataru, attended the event.

The Summit also discussed the role of investment, funding and governance, and how transport connectivity can contribute to better integration of regions, from communities and cities to global regions, by achieving economic, social goals and the environment.

At the event, it was mentioned that the Republic of Moldova made great efforts by introducing the Quality Charter into national legislation, with the aim of developing and improving the services provided at international level. The ITF's annual summit is the largest meeting of transport ministers and the most important global transport policy event.

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