Moldovan living in Canada created a 3D animated short film based on Mihai Eminescu's poem Luceafărul

A citizen of Republic of Moldova, who currently lives in Canada, has created a 3D animated short film, based on Mihai Eminescu's poem Luceafărul.

In search for a better life, Ion Cebotari, along with his wife and two children left to Canada in 2016. At the moment, the Moldovan, from Nisporeni, studies at the faculty of Planning, Architecture, Art and Design, of Université Laval, in Quebec City, wrote

Along the courses he attends, the man finds free time for personal projects. He created an animated short film, based on Mihai Eminescu's poem Luceafărul.

The young man claims that he skipped on sleep for three months to realize his dream.

"Luceafărul by Mihai Eminescu was always a special poem for me. I felt it and let my imagination run wild, input 101% of myself to recreate each line. I lived myself through all the stages of creating an animated short film, the Development, Pre-production, Production and Post production. I gained experience and used new unique techniques to create it" Ion said.

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