Moldovan kids from diaspora to get 500 "Albinuta" ABC books, signed by Grigore Vieru

The Government of the Republic of Moldova has sent the children of Moldovan descent, born abroad, 500 "Albinuta" ABC books, signed by Grigore Vieru, through the Diaspora Bureau.

The books destined for preschool children are distributed through diplomatic missions, which make Moldova citizenship acts.

Thus, Moldovan authorities encourage the diaspora children to learn the language of their parents' home country and to develop emotional ties with the Republic of Moldova.

The Prime Minister, Pavel Filip, sent the pre-school children a message printed on the bookmark.

"Dear child, learn by reading books and you will have a better life, persevere in the way of knowledge so that the Republic of Moldova, the country of your parents and your own country, will be proud of you!"

The books were shipped to 30 countries, with the largest number of copies being delivered to Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Canada, France, Portugal, Romania, Spain, USA and Kazakhstan
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