Moldovan judoka Valeriu Duminică blames referee for defeat

Moldovan judoka Valeriu Duminică and the president of the Judo federation, Andrei Golban, say the Moldovan was misjudged by the referee at the Olympic tournament.

Valeriu Duminică was defeated by Italian Matteo Marconcini in the eighths of the 83-kg category.

"I believe the referees ‘squeezed’ too much. He was not duly warning the Italian. It’s a mistake of the referees that made us cross," said Andrei Golban.

Duminică says the referees judged to his detriment.

The Hânceşti judo fighter burst in tears after the defeat, as the Italian used a technique called Ippon.

"I got a yellow card for nothing in the first 10 seconds. That’s impossible. He gave no warning out of three due," Valeriu Duminică said.

Aged 29, Valeriu Duminică was the only judoka to represent Moldova at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

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