Moldovan judge to be investigated for pronouncing illegal decision

The Superior Council of Magistrates (SCM) has okayed the interim general prosecutor’s request to start a penal investigation regarding the judge Domnica Manole from the Chisinau Court of Appeal for pronouncing an illegal court sentence.

After the due proceedings, the prosecutors will start to investigate the decision of the judge on April 14, 2016, which compelled the Central Election Commission (CEC) to start a national referendum to modify the Constitution.

The prosecutor’s request has been grounded on a memo by CEC chairman Iurie Ciocan requesting to penalize the judge and on the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of 22 April 2016, which stated the obvious illegality of judge Domnica Manole’s decision of April 14.

The General Prosecutor’s Office vowed to unfold an objective and transparent search, in order not to allow erroneous political interpretations and speculations, as the results will be made public.

The General Prosecutor’s Office took into account a public address by certain NGOs related to the case and reiterate its commitment to show openness and take into account and analyze any professional opinion helping to establish the truth in this case.

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