Moldovan journalist will be registered as independent candidate for parliamentary elections on one of the constituencies

Moldovan journalist, Gheorghe Bobeica indents to participate at the parliamentary elections on February 24. He will be on the constituency list from the Western Europe. Gheorghe Bobeica and his wife left in France in 1999.

"The Republic of Moldova needs and deserves dignity. The ones who take part of Diaspora know that our parents need us back in Moldova", declared Gheorghe Bobeica, future candidate.

At the end of August, Dorin Dusceac also announced that he will participate at the elections. Dusceac said he will take a final decision this week.

The candidates who want to register on a constituency outside the country should present a list with at least 500 or 1000 signatures of the citizens. The women will collect less signatures.

At the parliamentary elections, 51 constituencies have been registered. In Diaspora there are three constituencies: one in the East, one in West and the third for the USA and Canada.

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