Moldovan in Romania was sent from one hospital to another, with bullets still lodged in him

A Moldovan was shot 6 times, after a fight and had to travel 250 km, between hospitals, with the bullets lodged in him. The incident took place in Bistrița, where doctors decided that the surgery had to be performed in another city, having sent the patient to Cluj-Napoca, only to be afterward sent back, wrote

The 31-year-old Moldova was found in a field by a farmer, with wounds covering his neck, chest, right shoulder and left arm. Three bullets were stuck in the man's body, requiring surgery to take them out.

Doctors from Bistrițeni decided that the surgecy has to be performed in the Vascular Surgery Clinic from Cluj-Napoca and sent him there with an ambulance.

After 120 km of road, doctors from Cluj have decided to send him back to Bistrița, making the patient travel another 120 km with bullets lodged in his body.

The injured man lived in Republic of Moldova, but was born in Ukraine. According to police officers, he was transiting the country with a friend. After a random fight, he was shot 6 times by his colleague. Despite having 6 bullets lodged into him, the victim ran into a field to hide.

The suspect was caught by officers in Maramureș and then taken to Bistrița-Năsăud for questionings. The two foreign citizens are suspected of drug trafficking.

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