Moldovan Government decides to give 1 million lei to families of chopper crash victims

The families of the dead SMURD crew will receive MDL 1 million as material aid from Moldova, the Government has decided.

Thus, the four families will receive by MDL 250,000, the equivalent of nearly RON 50,000.

“There are no objections. Make sure that this money reaches the destination,” said premier  Pavel Filip.

Also, the prime-minister mentioned that the specialists investigated the crash scene in a relative short period. “This is the least we could do in the memory of the fallen SMURD heroes,” added the prime-minister.

Also, Pavel Filip thanked the Romanian Government for the help it provided with the SMURD service.

PUBLIKA.MD reminder: A SMURD rescue helicopter crashed in Haragâș village, Cantemir district, on June 2. The aircraft hurried to transport a patient from Cahul to Chisinau.

4 members of the crew, a woman and 3 men, all Romanian citizens, were on board, as no one survived.

Both the General Prosecutor’s Office from Chisinau and the General Prosecutor’s Office from Bucharest launched criminal cases regarding this crash.

Previously, interim General Prosecutor Eduard Harunjen announced that the Moldovan prosecutors were considering two versions: pilot error or technical fault.

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