Moldovan government approves mechanism of implementing law on IT parks

The Cabinet of Ministers approved in its meeting today, a number of amendments to the legislation on tax, social insurance and mandatory health insurance in order to create the necessary conditions for the implementation of Law on IT parks.

As such, it will be possible to apply a single tax of 7 per cent of sales from residents of IT parks. The measure will contribute to increase the attractiveness of IT sector for domestic and foreign investors, but also to speed up the development and exploit this industry potential.

The composition of the single tax included the following taxes and contributions: income from entrepreneurial activity; income tax from wages; state social insurance contributions due by employees and employers; mandatory health insurance; local taxes; real estate tax and fee for using roads by motor vehicles registered in Moldova.

The single tax calculation and reporting will be done by park residents monthly and data will be submitted to the State Tax Service.

According to law, in IT parks will work economic operators who will carry out the execution of programs and editing software, web portals and managing computing resources management and information technology consulting activities.
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