Moldovan football fans in Chisinau watched and cheered Champions League Final

The Champions League final stirred high emotions in Chişinău, too. 3,000 fans gathered at an exhibition center in Moldova’s capital to support their favorite players.

After Real got the trophy, their Moldovan fans couldn’t help hide their emotions:

"Sure thing I’m happy. My favorite team has won. I have expected this to happen for the whole season ".

"It’s a big joy for me that Real was victorious. It was hard, but they did it. Hola, Madrid!"

Yet Atletico’s supporters were disappointed, although still encouraging their favorites: "Madrid won! Real and Atletico, Spain is the best. Yes, Real Madrid is the best, but Atletico is super. Atletico! Atletico! Atletico!".

"The mood is fine. Atletico was not lucky, but next time…"

Real Madrid has beaten Atletico in the Champions League Final for the second time in the last three years.

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