Moldovan farmers to benefit from $24 M grant offered by IFAD

About 420 farmers who will promote innovative projects and technologies for environmental protection will benefit from grants from the International Fund for Agricultural Development. The project will last for six years and the budget is almost 24 million dollars. Small and medium-sized enterprises will particularly benefit from funding.

During the implementation of the Agreement, grants will be offered to small and medium enterprises, and the maximum amount for a project will be 200 thousand dollars.

"We plan to finance 24 water supply networks, 12 segments of roads, 4-5 water tanks, ponds," said IFAD director Victor Roşca.

The project also provides funding for Small and Medium Enterprises, as well as groups of women in the poorest areas of the country.

"Individual members will be able to benefit from grants up to $ 1,500 for business development and the group of women will be able to benefit from another $ 8,000 for a common investment," said IFAD director Victor Rosca.

Farmers wishing to benefit from this project will be able to submit files starting January 2018.

"They have to be agricultural producers ready to contribute to the construction of such financing objects, and at least 15% of their own contribution," said IFAD director Victor Roşca.

Since IFAD has been opened up in Moldova in 2000, our country has benefited from 124 million dollars for various agricultural projects.

According to the IFAD program, approximately 420 agricultural producers will benefit from grants for measures to improve resilience to climate change. More than 450 micro entrepreneurs, 150 young entrepreneurs and 20-25 small and medium enterprises will be able to use financial services in the form of loans on preferential terms.

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