Moldovan farmers started to gather the spring harvest

Farmers began harvesting spring crops. To begin with, barley is tight, which was baked a week later than last year. Farmers say the harvest will be roughly the same as last year.

Farmer Nicolae Sprinceana from Hârtopul Mare village, Criuleni district, sowed 80 hectares of barley this year. The man hopes for a better harvest this summer, but due to the high temperatures of the end of spring, he will only collect five tons.

"The given sort is a German kind, it has a great possibility, but we have not been raining since April, like last time. Last year we had around 6-7 tons of the given variety, this year we will reach five tons think, it's not how I wanted it to be good, "said farmer Nicolae Sprinceana.

For the next year, the man plans next year to double the area he grows barley.

"In the past two years the price for barley is better than the price for wheat. Last year we achieved 2.80 kg, this year we are waiting," said farmer Nicolae Sprinceana.

Next week, the farmer plans to start harvesting rapeseed and wheat.

"Now that we have finished harvesting the barley, we are going to start harvesting the wheat, it may be somewhere next week to start and we have to harvest about 450 hectares, 500," said farmer Nicolae Sprinceana.

Workers say that good agricultural technology is of great help to them.

If the fields are cooked well, they work very easily. If they are cooked bad work badly. In hot weather conditions, here it is not hot. My door is open, but they work with air conditioning and we work very well

With this technique it's not hard, it's easy. The technique is good, remounted. The conditioner works, it's fine. We've finished the barley, and I think we're already going to start wheat or rape. We will see.

According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, most of the barley-sown areas are in the Drochia, Floresti, Orhei, Cantemir, Cahul and Cimislia districts.

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