Moldovan falsely accused for two years of physical and psychological abuse by daughter

A Moldovan is accused for a few year now by his own daughter of physical and psychological abuse. After a two year trial, the man's attorneys have proved in court that all accusations are made up by the girl, wrote

The incident took place in Reggio Emilia, Italy. A few years back, the girls, who at the time a minor, has announced that her 53-year-old father beat and threatened her with a knife.

They girl was believed and law enforcement begun a court case which lasted two years.

Prosecutors demanded a 3 year sentence for the Moldovan, but his lawyer managed to proved though some confessions made by the girl that all her words are lies.

She wished to take revenge on her father, for depriving her of the freedom she wished. Theretofore, making up the whole story.

Moreover, she demanded compensations of 50 000 euro from her parent.


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