Moldovan Environment Ministry set to regulate GMO product sales

The Moldovan companies may be obliged to inform about their genetically modified products, on labels. The Environment Ministry has drafted a bill in this regard.

Yet, no laboratory in the country is endowed to detect the genetically modified organisms (GMO.)

Moldova is an outdated law on biological safety, but the document does not offer efficient mechanisms to control the GMO.

"There is this fear that GMOs are brought into the country, without the awareness of the government. The citizen has the right to be informed whether the products he/she consumes are genetically modified," said Environment Minister Valeriu Munteanu.

Moldova does not ban importing such produce and there is no statistical data in this respect.

Experts say the GMOs should be cheaper and the Moldovan market is flooded with GMOs.

The bill provides for growing GMO seeds only in scientific purposes, as regulating the field is a commitment taken by Moldovan at signing the Association Agreement with the EU.

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