Moldovan employees to get meal vouchers

The Moldovan cabinet drafts a bill impelling employers to offer meal tickets to employees. A meal is going to cost 45 lei and they money earmarked for this purpose won’t be taxed.

The bill drafted by Parliament speaker Andrian Candu is being discussed with unions, employers unions, ministries and companies.

"It will enhance the employees' social-economic protection, will decrease cases of illnesses, employees' fluctuation and enhance workers' loyalty with the company. It's important that the company shall not decrease wages, if it offers meal vouchers. The trade unions back this initiative," said union leader Sergiu Sainciuc.

The meals will be provided by private companies with a basic capital of at least 10 million lei.

One will be able to exchange the meal vouchers for money, but one won’t be able to take alcohol or cigarettes with them. The goal is to improve working conditions and provide healthy meals to employees.

The authorities also thus want to enhance productivity and reduce the time employees are absent from work.

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