Moldovan economy continues to raise. GDP registered 4% growth

The Economy of Moldova continues to grow up. A positive growth was registered in the agriculture and industry. Also, the internal and external waste increased. This was announced by Victor Ursu, analyst of IDIS Viitorul, within "15 minutes of real economy" TV show at Europea Libera. 

Victor Ursu says that the economy of the country continue to be consumer economy. The last data shows that during January and July the export increased by 25,8% and the import by 25%. In the opinion of the analyst, the waste increased by 3,8%.

"The one of the factors that determined the growth, there is the increase of the salaries. Thus, in the first semester of 2018, the budget for salaries was 20,9 billion lei, while in 2017, it was 18,3 billion lei."

Moreover, the data of the Statistics Bureau shows that the GDP raised by almost 4%. Another conclusion says that the agricultural production increased by 7,2%. Victor Ursu says that the loans offers for the economic agents should be changed.

This year, the World Bank said that the economy of Moldova raised by 3,8%, while the IMF forecast a 3,5% growth of the GDP.

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