Moldovan designers amaze customers with most creative ideas of felt boots

Felt boots are back in fashion. Besides being warm, they are pleasant to look at thanks to designers and Moldovans. Some of them are embroidered with winter elements, such as trees, houses and snowflakes. The creators are trying to dazzle customers with convenience and vivid colors.

The felt boots have occurred 1,500 years ago. Since then, their shape has not changed. Designers have tried, however, to provide traditional felts a new look by adding embroidered items or accessories to modernize them.

Another local brand provides its customers with traditional felt boots.

People argue that footwear is comfortable and prices are available:

"I'm very comfortable, I like the folkloric colors. They keep warm, are absolutely practical, it's much better than heels druing winter."

"I came for one pair for my mother and my daughter, I was very comfortable and I know it's our pride"

The price for a pair of felt boots starts from 400 lei up to 1,000 lei.

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