Moldovan dancers bring good results. National team brought 29 medals from contest that took place in Prague

Moldovan dancers continue to conquer the world. A team made of 32 young took 29 medals at an European contest that took place in Prague at the middle of this month. Participants from 16 countries participated.

The team of our country had participants aged between eight and 15. They took two second places.

"I had wonderful feelings", said Corina Bologan, participants.

Laura and Livia Cojocari twins aged 13 practice this sport for seven years. They ranked sixth at their category.

"It was a serious competition. We didn't expect such good results, but we are very happy instead", said Laura and Livia Cojocari.

The contest was a difficult one, because it had a couple of categories.

"The children should pass two stages of the contest. In the end, they only chose 12 out of 31, then 7 out of 12", said Irina Slobodeaniuc, dance teacher.

The teams from Serbia and Poland ranked first. IDO EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS takes place twice a year. Its first edition took place in 1997.

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