Moldovan consumers pay less for gas. First recalculated bills reached customers

The gas suppliers recalculated the tariff for two months January, February and handed over the bills to customers. Moldovan consumers pay now 20% lower.  

Tatiana Raeţcaia from Chisinau received a lower bill of 250 lei. Since the beginning of the cold season, the woman paid monthly, on average, 1,300 lei for the heating of its 5-room house.

"The bill came and indicated I only had to pay 935 lei, 250 lei less. It's considerable reduction. I'll pay food with that money", said said Tatiana Raeţcaia.

Prime Minister Pavel Filip demanded a review of gas tariff in January.  

The head of the cabinet had several discussions in this respect with representatives of Moldovagaz and those from the Ministry of Economy.

The latest gas tariffs reduction was two years ago.

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