Moldovan bakery selling hemp-based cookies with fructose and meal grapes

Young man from Nisporeni town has started business with innovative bakery products. Gheorghe Tabur is producing hemp-based cookies with fructose and meal grapes for already four months. The raw material is purchased in Moldova and Romania, and the production process is quite simple.

Gheorghe has started the business when he has only 19 years old. After obtaining a grant and a loan of 300 thousand lei he opened the bakery. 

He says the harder part was to obtain necessary permits. The bakery has four bakers, working in two shifts. Among them is Elena Munteanu, who invented the recipe. Over 30 kilograms of biscuits are produced per day.  They can be found on the shelves of super markets in the capital.

In the future, the entrepreneur is planning to conquer overseas markets. 

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