Moldovan authorities to ban gas-powered cars in underground car parks

Moldovans who are driving on gas-powered cars may no longer have access to underground car parks. A bill to this effect was issued by the Ministry of Economy. Authorities consider them a threat to human safety. 

Moreover, a study shows that the explosion of a liquefied gas cylinders can have the same results as a bomb of 30 kg of TNT explosion. 

The Economy Minister Octavian Calmac argues that such prohibitions exist in countries around the world, but in Moldova they are being installed in unauthorized places. 

"Practically every week, unpleasant tings happen with gas-powered cars. Therefore we went and we proposed this technical regulation. Through which we want to prohibit parking in public parking underground car with gas installations to avoid these risks, risks of explosion" , said Octavian Calmac, Minister of Economy.

Access will be banned both for public and private parking.

Specialists warn that an explosion produced in an underground car park could have more serious consequences than in an ordinary space.

This is done so that the liquefied gas easily penetrates into the ventilation channels, and in the case of an explosion would suffer not only the parking lot but also the floors above.

The National Inspectorate Patrol data shows around four thousand gas-powered cars in Moldova. Their owners also welcome the restrictions. the documents provides fines of up to 2,000 lei and it obliges owners to have "gas powered vehicle" signs. 

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