Moldovan authorities DETERMINED to strictly regulate gambling, to protect minors

Nearly 6% of the Moldovan adolescents attend gambling saloons and betting houses, a recent study shows. Many parents are not always aware where their children are and why they ask for more money from them. They are not aware of their kids’ enormous debts and why things disappear from home. All those happen although Moldova has a law banning minors from entering gambling entities.

Many a Moldovan realize the danger of gambling and want the saloons as far from the city as possible.

A working group of experts is considering the issue, after the first deputy president of the Democratic Party from Moldova (PDM), Vlad Plahotniuc asked his colleagues from the ruling alliance to find a solution to prevent the minors from falling into the gambling addiction.

"The acting law does not provide for special places for the gambling saloons, what attracts the minors to take to it,” says a managing functionary with the Licensing Chamber, Larisa Roşca.

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A proposal is to take the gambling saloons out of towns and villages. But the employers’ representatives dislike the idea.

"There are 156 saloons in Chişinău. Imagine only ten remain. Not much money will go into the budget. It’s a world experience that has failed," Entertaining Business League president Israel Şnaider.
"I see no point in these millions, when we’re losing citizens," said the headmaster of a Chişinău school, Grigore Vasilache.

The owners of those over 300 gambling saloons from Moldova stated incomes of 900 million lei.

In 2015, Moldova’s Budget got from them 200 million lei.


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