Moldovan athletes evolution at Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

Rower Sergey Tarnovschi achieved the best result among the 23 athletes who represented Moldova at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The athlete has won the bronze medal in canoe simple sample distance of 1,000 meters. The only medal of our representatives at Rio may be withdrawn if it turns out Tarnovschi was doped.

Alexandru Spac and Zalina Marghiev were ranked 5th place.The Balti town weightlifter has achieved this result in the category of 77 kilograms, and Zalina Marghiev at the hammer throw. Another Moldovan weightlifter Sergiu Cechir, was ranked seventh in the category of 69 kilograms.

The only Moldovan judo player arrived at Rio, Valeriu Duminica, lost dramatically in sixteenths and was ranked ninth in the category of 81 kilograms.

Zalina Marghiev's brother, Sergiu, was ranked 10th in the hammer throw sample.

The freestyle wrestler Mariana Cherdivară-Eşanu finished the competition in 11th stage in the category of 58 kilograms.

Also  another naturalized athlete, Briton Aaron Cook was ranked on the 11th place. Taekwondo fighter was defeated in the first game in the category of 80 kilograms.

Weightlifter Natalia Prişcepa ranked 12 in the category up to 75 kg.

Sergei Tarnovschi's bigger brother, Oleg was ranked no. 14 in singles canoe sample on the distance of 200 meters.

Freestyle wrestler, Eugen Nedealco lost in the first round of qualifying and was ranked 16th in the category of 74 kilograms.

Alexandra Mirca was ranked 17th in archery.

Lilia Fisicovici recorded the 27th Olympic marathon result.

Alexei Sancov was ranked 34 in the sample of 200 meters freestyle  swimming.

Tatiana Chişcă failed to cross the Rio qualifiers and finished 36th in 100 meters breaststroke swimming.

Tennis player Radu Albot won the first round but was eliminated in the final sixteenth by Croat Marin Cilic.

Ivan Emilianov and Dimitriana Surdu didn't qualified for the final in the weight throw, just as Marina Marghiev-Nikisenko the hammer throw.

Natalia Stratulat has completed developments in the preliminary round of the sample disc throwing.

The flag bearer of Moldovan delegation, Nicolae Ceban, lost in the first round of the competition in the category of 97 kilograms wrestling and Roman Prodius ended  marathon competition on 105th.

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