Moldovan archery team is in Japan now. What are they doing there

Moldovan National archery team gains experience in Japan.

Dan Olaru, Alexandra Mirca and Cezar Budeci and their trainor, Irina Cecanova are at a training in Japan.

"The players are at a training in Japan now. It is an important international sport. They will stay there during a month", mentioned Nicolae Juravschi, CNOS President in Moldova.

Dan Olaru attended 2012 Olympic games, while Alexandra Mirca the 2016 ones. Moldova put their hopes in them for 2020 Olympics from Tokyo. However, the president of the National Sports Olympic Committee considers that many young sportsmen will take part of the national team.

"We have many skilled children. We will check on their improvement and involve them into the international championships", said CNOS President.

The traveling of our Moldovan sportsmen in Japan was possible due to a partnership signed between CNOS and the Local Public Administration of Turuoka, Nisikawa and Tomi towns in partnership with Japan Embassy in Moldova.

In the near future, other sportsmen will go to Japan.


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