Moldovagaz to launch construction of pilot stations for bus and auto park in Chisinau

Moldovagaz will launch the construction of pilot stations for the bus and auto park in Chisinau. The topic was discussed during the meeting of Moldovagaz president Vadim Ceban with Chisinau Mayor Ion Ceban.

The parties agreed on the signing of a memorandum of understanding. A feasibility study will be developed before starting the actual work.

Transautogaz, whose parent company is Moldovagaz, is ready to co-finance the costs of developing the study, as well as to finance the works of design and construction of compressed natural gas filling stations on the territory of the urban bus park on Sarmizegetusa street and near South-West station. 

Natural gas is an ecological fuel, and its use represents a significant contribution to the environmental protection. Up to 90% of city air pollution was caused by vehicle emissions.

From an environmental point of view, CNG burning in engines emits up to 30% less carbon dioxide in the case of small vans and up to 20% less in the case of buses and vans, compared to conventional fuel engines. The amount of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions is 70% lower than the European standards applicable to trucks and vans. 

According to data from the National Agency for Energy Regulation, about 60% of the fuel consumed in Moldova is for diesel, 26% for gasoline, and for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) 11 and 3% respectively. .

Compressed natural gas is widely used in many European countries, including Italy, where about one million vehicles using this type of fuel are in circulation.


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