Moldova won't become EU member, says Igor Dodon

President Igor Dodon rejected the idea that Moldova would become a European Union member soon because Europe is unready for extension. The declaration was made during an interview for ONT Belarus.

"We need to keep the good relations with all parts. Moldova doesn't need to be an exchange currency in geopolitical wars. We have agreements signed with EU in order to improve the well-being. I don't think Moldova will become a EU member. Europe is yet ready for extension", said President Dodon. 

Meanwhile, the EU agreements are the chance to use European experience and financial resource to change Moldovan situation, said Igor Dodon. 

The head of state also emphasized the need to strengthen the relationship with Eurasian Union. 

"We need to strengthen these relationship. That's our traditional market. They are our brothers. We need to head to this strategic partner". 



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