Moldova to receive 200,000 euros for implementation of european standards in construction

The Ministry of Regional Development and Construction and Czech Agency of Development has launched today, January 25th, the project on "Implementation of Eurocodes in Moldova and increase access to standards", to be jointly conducted during 2017-2018. The object of the project is to support our country in the use of Eurocodes for construction works and structural construction products with relevance in the European Economic Area.

"The Czech Republic will provide 200 thousand euros for the implementation of Eurocodes and increasing quality in construction. We have a beautiful experience of cooperation within regional projects and we are glad that we benefit from the support of the Government of the Czech Republic. This transformation relates both to the legal and institutional and concepts and principles of technical normalization and standardization in construction ", said Minister of Regional Development and construction Vasile Bitca at the ceremony of launch of the project.

The minister also said that the European Commission's recommendation on the implementation and use of Eurocodes for construction works and structural construction products, the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction has requested technical assistance from the European Union and development partners, and in June last year the Czech Development Agency agreed to provide financial support and partnership in promoting the Eurocodes.

In turn, S.E. Zdeněk Krejci said that the aim of the project is to support Moldova in the implementation of European standards in the design of building structures.

"The use of European standards in construction will simplify and facilitate attracting foreign investors on the Moldovan market and will help construction companies in your country to participate in EU projects" , said S.E. Ambassador of Czech Republic in Chisinau.

According to Gheorghe Croitoru, chief of the economic and technical regulations, implementing Eurocodes will provide increased of mobility of designers and builders and will eliminate technical barriers and commercial construction industry and will enhance the quality and safety of construction.

"Adapting Moldova to the Eurocodes  will enable construction companies in our country to participate in construction and in other countries. The also, construction companies Moldova will participate in international tenders held in Moldova, which are based on European norms and standards. at the same time, application of the Eurocodes will allow reduction in the price for apartments" , said the head of regulations technical and economic Gheorghe Croitoru during the event.

Other European countries, currently use 58 Eurocodes in ten areas. In our country they have been approved as national, during the years 2010-2012, to be developed national annexes containing national parameters determine and reflect the specific conditions of our country.
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