Moldova to enhance regulatory framework of business activities

Action Plan for Reform Strategy in years 2018 - 2020 for Entrepreneurship during 2013-2020 has been approved.

The measures will ensure more favorable environment for companies in the countries. 

The plan provides for further optimization of the regulatory framework and administrative procedures. In the field of taxation and customs, the online registration of independent activity will be implemented in the State Tax Service Information System.

Simplification and uniformity of customs clearance procedures will also be simplified, a new Customs Code will be developed, the one-stop-shop at the border and the digital transit system will be implemented.

In the field of permissive acts, it is planned to open single window shops in order to facilitate the access of the entrepreneurs to the necessary services.

The document also provides for continued reform of state controls, including the reorganization of the State Register of Controls, so that business control actions are planned and monitored at central level.

Also, actions are planned for the implementation of the Medium-Term Program for the elaboration of urbanized plans at the level of localities for the years 2017-2020 and for the free access to technical norms in construction.

Other measures aim to improve communication with representatives of the business community and civil society and their involvement in the process of developing reforms in the field.

The strategy for the reform is guided by three basic general objectives: developing a facilitator regulatory system, developing incentives for effective implementation of reforms and improving communication, and encouraging stakeholders to participate in reforms.

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