Moldova stays the course on domestic tourism growth, says statistic

Moldova's growth in domestic tourism continued in 2018. According to Tourism Agency, an annual increase of 6% was recorded last year. More and more Moldovan people are opting to visit architectural monuments, museums and natural reservations in the country. 

Manuc Bei Mansion is one of the most visited places in Moldova. There were roughly 100,000 visitors during three years. 

Manuc Bei Mansion or Manuc Bey Mansion is located in Hincești city in the central-western part of the Republic of Moldova; and it includes the following edifices: Palace of Manuc, House of bailiff, Countess House, Hunting Castle, Watchtower and others.

Igor Rodjero, the tour guide at Manuc Bei Mansion, said the number of visitors always goes up. 

"We're really glad with this fact as we have multiple cultural religious works to introduce and promote", said Igor Rodjero.

People visiting Manuc Bei Mansion are impressed and praise highly this national touristic destination. 

"I'm really amazed with the tunnel which takes us from a house to the mansion", said a visitor. 

Around 40,000 Moldovan people took part in trips throughout the country via tourism agencies last year. The real number of travelers is more higher because experts say lots of people opted to travel on their own. 




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