Moldova's state reserve gained almost 500 million US dollars in a year

The State Reserve and shares has grown in a year by almost 500 million US dollars and has managed to reach the numbers of 2014, before the banking fraud.

Experts declare that money reserve allows the national bank more mobility in the market and maintains a stable value of Moldovan leu.

Data from National Bank showed that at the beginning of October, the foreign-exchange reserves were over 2 billion 600 million US dollar, a digit similar to October 2014.

Two year ago, the banking fraud caused the state's reserve to drain rapidly in an attempt to reestablish and maintain the value of Moldovan leu, as well as stabilize the banking market.

So far, the most value in the state reserve holds precious documents and foreign bank deposits. The National Bank also has a gold reserve worth over 3 million US dollars.

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