Moldova–Romania Job Fair. Those looking for employment can chose from over two thousand offers

Those looking for a job can come and chose from over two thousand offers. Starting today, begins a Job Fair where over 40 companies from Moldova and Romania participate.

Among them counts enterprises from the IT, engineering and car manufacturing fields. Those interested can also participate in a training about cyber security or communicating in foreign languages. The Job Fair has reached its 12th Edition.

Sergiu came to the fair in searches of good offers. Recently, he returned from abroad where he worked for a few years.

"I wished to return home, I feel better here. I am not interested in foreign languages or talking with clients."

Other people, job hunting, have decided to come:

"Manager or Operator. I have experience in this field, therefore it interests me."

"I worked as an electrician my whole life, but I have higher education, therefore wish to find something in my field."

They all wish good salaries and growth opportunities:

"If to apply to a place where I need to work 40 hours per week. I wish for at least 6 to 7 thousand lei per month."

Companies who came to participate in the fair declare that they have offers for all- from those who have experience to newbies.

"For students, there are many stops open as seller and cashiers,as well as other jobs in a supermarket" recruiting manager of National Supermarket Association, Diana Borodin said.

"We have job openings for newbies, as well as for those with at least 1 year of experience in the financial- banking field" representative of National Bank of Moldova, Natalia Zabolotnîi, declared.

"If a person has 0 experience we teach them everything, as long as they are motivated" representative of a multinational company Ana Bivol stated.

"We search people of at most 45-year-old. We have job openings as guards in the medical and logistic department" Chief of DIP's Human Resources, Natalia Antonevici explained.

Most attention were given to multinational companies. Still it was not so easy, as they had requirements. Future employees have to know at least one foreign language and they said that age can also be a plus.

"On average, all our employees are around 25-year-old. Out of 70 people, most are 30-year-old. We hire operators in various departments, in the financial field and speakers of foreign languages for communicating with clients" Human Resources manager, Dumitriţa Jalbă announced.

"If speaking of salaries, they are a bit over the average in Moldova and Romania. We seek for people that want to work, to be part of a team and know what they want from a field" representative of a Romanian Audit company, Ilinca Drăgănescu said.

The Job Fair will also be open tomorrow, until 17:00. According to the National Employment Agency, the number of job opening are on the raise. On 23rd October, all over the country were registered 11 800 vacancies.

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