Moldova remains without people. KEY causes inducing phenomenon

The economic crises Moldova passes through leave the country without people. Seeking a better life, many young people leave for abroad.

According to a recent study, carried out by a demographic research institute, the high death rate and the low birth rate impact the country’s demographics. The data were revealed on the occasion of the World Population Day.

44 % of the Moldovans seeking a better life are aged up to 35 years. 17 % of them are aged 25 - 29.

Here is the case of Liuba Fiştic from a northern village. She grew up four children, but remained alone at her old age. Her children are looking for jobs abroad. Lots of Moldovan elderly are in the same situation.

The same study shows the fertility rate was 1.3 children per woman in 2014 and descending.

Family minister Stela Grigoras deems the policies in the area must be reshaped: "Some measures aimed at the demographic situation have been undertaken. But now I believe we should rethink our attitude towards this situation, especially our policies, which must be multi-dimensional."

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