Moldova remains in international insurance system Green Card until 2020

Moldova remains, by 2020, in the international insurance system Green Card. Until then, our authorities must take all measures to stabilize the market, otherwise our country will be excluded from the system. The subject was discussed at the meeting of the Parliament's Committee on Economy, Budget and Finance.

Recently, members of the National Green Card Bureau had a meeting with representatives of the international system in Brussels. According to them, Moldovan insurers have made some progress.

"The positive side is that our insurers have no external debt for insurance claims, which was appreciated by the Brussels office of the council," said Alina Osoianu, executive director of the National Green Card Bureau.

The insurance market needs to be stable and trustworthy so that our country can remain part of the system.

"The concerns of the board of directors are largely related to the uncertainty surrounding the situation of some insurers, which could jeopardize the stability of the Green Card system in the Republic of Moldova," said Viorel Miron, representative of the National Commission for the Financial Market.

Earlier, due to the failure to implement certain Green Card Council decisions, Moldova was threatened with exclusion from this system. Currently, ten companies are licensed to sell the insurance.

Last year, their value amounted to 320 million lei, and the damages - of 16 million lei.

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