Moldova ranks 4th among ex-Soviet Union countries in mobility rights

Moldova ranks fourth among the ex-Soviet Union countries in freedom of movement and ranks 48th in the world. 

Russia and Montenegro are also on the same place.

Moldovans can travel without visas to 110 states of the world.

Last year, in the same category, Moldova held the 54th position. Ukraine stood at 44th position.

Ukraine can travel without visas in 114 countries while Romanian passport holder can travel to 156 states.

The Germans obtain the greatest mobility rights. They are not required visa in 177 countries.

Singapore follows with 176 states.

The third position is divided by eight countries. These are France, Italy, Japan, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain and Finland. Citizens of these states can go without visas in 175 countries.

In contrast, Iraqi citizens can travel without visas in only 27 states.

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