Moldova ranked in top 50 safest countries, says Global Finance magazine

Moldova is ranked top 50 safest countries over the world, says Global Finance magazine.

Precisely, our country climbed to 46th place from 128 countries. 

When compiling the top, the specialists took into account criteria such as the peace index, the crime rate and the frequency of natural cataclysms. In all categories, our country has achieved high scores.

Romania qualifies better than us, ranking 33th. 

In contrast, Russia and Ukraine were placed at 108 and 116 and included in the list of countries with a low level of safety.

United of States is ranked 65th due to the high level of crime and frequent armed attacks.

European countries occupy most the highest rankings. 16 of 20 safest countries are from the Europe. 

Iceland retained its first position with 1.8 crimes per 100 thousand people a year.

Top runner are Switzerland and Finland. 

At the bottom of the list are Guatemala, Yemen, Philippines which are affected by frequent cataclysms and internal conflicts.

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