Moldova National Trade Union Confederation request Finance Ministry evidence that points to meal voucher's uselessness

Moldova National Trade Union Confederation (CNSM) has expressed worried about the fiscal policies announced by Finance Minister which will lead to negative impact upon the country's social situation. 

"The meal voucher became an important instrument financially in order to motivate people, especially in automotive, textile, communication industry. An increase in wages would cost much more the labor cost and turn Moldova into a less attractive destination for such industries.

This is a extreme problem for thousands of employees (over 50,000 people) who have been using this vouchers and appreciating this project. 

According to the Finance Minister Natalia Gavrilița, this meal voucher turns out actually a salary raise. We reserve the right to question: with the minimal salary of 1000 lei, the lowest in Europe, 45 lei used for their health is something bad?

The turnover of meal vouchers in Moldova is at the level of 120 mln. of lei. In the vouchers system a number of about 1300 merchants entered. International practice shows that every 25 users of meal vouchers lead to job creation. Respectively, we can talk about thousands of new jobs created as a result of implementing meal vouchers.


We request that the meeting of the National Commission for Collective Consultation and Negotiations and the respective committees at the branch level be convened as soon as possible to examine the issue.

We formally request the Ministry of Finance to present evidence that meal vouchers are no good to use in Moldova as well as the IMF's arguments. 

We appeal to the members of the National Confederation of Trade Unions in Moldova to examine the Government's proposals for the cancellation of meal vouchers, to officially expose the position of the primary trade union organizations by letters, requests to the Government. 

We are addressing to the National Employers' Confederation of Moldova, Mr. Leonid Cerescu, a social partner, to express their position on the proposals of the Ministry of Finance", quoted the CNSM press release. 

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