Moldova might face a gas crisis. Maia Sandu: We are preparing for such a scenario

The Chisinau Government is preparing for a possible gas crisis, following the conflict between Moscow and Kiev, which would make it impossible to deliver Russian gas through our Ukrainian pipeline to our country. PM Maia Sandu says Moldovans will not run out of gas, although she acknowledges that the Government has no concrete solutions to prevent a possible gas crisis. The statement was made last night by the PM in a broadcast on a public television station.

'We have technical solutions, we discuss, we are preparing for such a scenario. Obviously no such scenario is desired. Even if a technical solution is to buy and store natural gas in Ukraine, the storage capacities that Ukraine can offer are sufficient for the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova', said Maia Sandu.

The supply of gas from the Ukrainian reservoirs would solve the problem of supply for the northern and central districts. Maia Sandu, however, did not present a solution for the south of the country and the Transdniestrian region.

Former Minister of Economy Valeriu Muravschi wrote on his Facebook page that pumping natural gas into Ukrainian deposits is a risky option for our country. As for the variant of the supply through the reverse pumping from the south of the country through the Turkey - Bulgaria - Romania - Moldova pipeline, the Romanian authorities, according to some rumors, do not seem to be too pleased of this idea.

The fate of the energy connection with Romania remains uncertain due to the delay in the construction of the Chisinau-Ungheni gas pipeline. Authorities recognize that, in the best case, it will only become operational in winter 2020-2021.

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