Moldova listed one of seven destinations where tourists guaranteed a warm welcome

Moldova has been named in the 7-country-where-tourists-are guaranteed-a-warm-welcome list written by South China Morning Post's writer. 

According to Tim Pile - the author of mentioned article, Moldova attracts tourist not by a great number of sightseeing destinations but plenty of vineyards "at least 150 vineyards are scattered across Moldova",  as well as rural landscapes especially the ancient monasteries. 

Moldova, as we know it, has the cellars at Milestii Mici which are recognised as the world’s largest, with more than 1.5 million bottles in storage. This fact is also emphasized in Tim's article as one factor intriguing tourists in this least popular country. 

Of course, the discovery to non-existent Transnistria, Tiraspol, is inevitably recognized in the Chinese travel article.  

"Take your passport, although no one recognises the breakaway republic, not even the Kremlin", wrote Tim Pile. 

Other six destinations are mentioned such as Isaan of Thailand, Siquijor of the Philippines, Birmingham of England, Kaohsiung of Taiwan, Girona of Spain and Olomouc of Czech Republic. 


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