Moldova IT Park counts 86 residents

In two weeks, the number of IT companies that decided to adhere to "Moldova IT Park" rose by nearly 40, reaching to 86 residents. According to Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, another 12 requests received positive feedback and therefore, IT companies will soon sign contracts and receive registration certificates.

Resident registration is performed by the Administration of "Moldova IT Park". After registering the company, the Administration offers one copy of the records of IT park's resident to the local public authorities, Fiscal Service, Customs Service. Namely: Social Insurance, Medical Insurance and Criminal Records of the resident.

Residents of "Moldova IT Park" will be able to receive more benefits and opportunities of a special tax regime, on web page, where a list of frequently asked questions and answers will be published, created by specialists of Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure.

"Moldova IT Park" begun its activity on 1 January 2018.

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