Moldova has world's worst drinking problem: Over 46 000 people are found alcoholic

Moldova has the highest levels of alcohol consumption in the world and the highest death rate linked to drinking. Although alcohol consumption levels have overall decreased in Europe, former Soviet countries like Moldova are still home to the world’s heaviest drinking populations. 

Currently, over 46 thousand people are addicted to alcohol, and annually over 580 people are diagnosed with alcoholic psychosis. The alarming data was published on the website of the Ministry of Health.

It is also specified that only 30% of patients receiving treatment manage to give up this defect.

According to statistics, most Moldovans prefer wine, which makes up 56 percent of the alcohol consumed. The second place is beer, which makes up 30 percent, followed by strong drinks such as tuna, divine or cognac.

One in four deaths are related to alcohol while the world’s average is one in 20. The 2016 World Health Organization (WHO) data found that people over the age of 15 drink on average 15.2 liters of pure alcohol (including alcohol made at home or illegally) per capita each year, the equivalent of around 167 bottles of wine. 

According to the World Health Organization data, over 3 million people die annually from alcohol. Worldwide, the death rate from alcohol is 5.6 percent. In our country this index reaches 9 percent.

The most common diseases caused by alcohol are strokes, oral and intestinal cancer, or high blood pressure. Also, people may lose their eyesight or have diabetes that requires daily treatment for excessive drinking. 



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